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JOE SPINOSO was born and raised in Tampa, Florida where he pursued unconventional routes of education. In a system filled with tunneled vision, timeworn methodologies, and erroneous "truths," the traditional university system was not the ideal match for Joe's creative psyche.


Anxious to put his creative talents to work, Joe hopped right into the business world, employed in several different types of industries, adding unique improvements and creative processes to each and every pursuit and passion. His joy of learning and desire to challenge himself has never stopped leading him around the world. With singularity of focus in a multitude of arenas, Joe continually chases his dreams for himself, his family, and his friends.


Joe finds himself receiving great fulfillment by helping individuals with their personal and professional problems, seeking simple solutions and implementing strategic practices, whether related to health and fitness, life organization, or business development. Creativity, energy, speed, strong intuitive skills, and an incredible ability to foresee future evolutionary changes contribute to Joe's facility to think three steps ahead. His niche is to fix, create, innovate, and make positive progressions with whatever project in which he is involved. Paramount is his strong desire for the opportunity to contribute greatly to the cause which impacts many lives with a positivity and significance.


Forward thinking with a creative mind can transform product, project, industries, and even nations. There IS a solution for each and every problem, whether it is an innovative electric socket to revolutionize residential and commercial construction, to a economic stimulus plan which could literally be solely responsible for the metamorphosis of states, if not entire nations. Joe Spinoso is determined to encourage change by sharing his ideas, helping consumers, companies, and even countries expand their respective horizons.

​Joe Spinoso has also created and innovative platform for saving Hollywood's theatrical film releases. Growing numbers of individuals are just watching movies online and missing out of the classic motion picture theater experience. This interactive marketing concept draws people into the physical theaters like never before, while also integrating into the online promotion revenues to increase profits substantially.  



Co-Founder of Proprietary Hand Wipe Company

Owner/Manager of a Few Connecticut Pet Stores

Family-Owned Southeast Construction Company

Consultant for Variety of Companies and Individuals

Family Business Raising/Rescuing Animals in Florida

Field Representative Efficiency Expert:  Petland, Inc.

Manager/Efficiency Expert:  Florida Wal-Mart Stores

Northeast Expansion Supervisor: Outback Steak House

Humanitarian Mining Effort Benefiting African Countries

Creation of ​Sierra Leone Pharmacy and Medical Treatment

Established Charity in Africa:

Founder, Rabbit Investment, LLC


With hands-on stick-to-itiveness, from the lands of America to the bushes of Africa, Joe is currently focusing his energies on creating a USA-to-AFRICA connection which is unparalleled and unprecedented in its understanding and benefit to the countries involved.


With a humanitarian heart fostering a win-win-win relationship, we look forward to you expressing your commitment with your contribution of time, energy, and, if available, your financial assistance as well.  Helping others brings good feelings to not only the receiver of the deeds, but also to the giver of the goods. The power to change is yours; everyone can make a difference. By contributing to a greater cause... in some way, everyone wins. Please do your part to help us create a better life, a better future, a better world.  


Always Growing, Helping,

and Changing the World.



Joe Spinoso
8635 West Hillsborough Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33615

© 1972-2022 by Joseph James Spinoso

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