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 Adventure in Africa

Want to join us in the bush? We offer an all inclusive trip to Sierra Leone with an adventure of a life time. Experience the countries beauty. Meet and see how the local people live. Visit the mining sites and learn how mining and buying gold/diamonds works. We will give you a tour of Freetown and into the providences where the mining and farming takes place. Experience the truth and reality of the people, the country, and of the industry. We can even send you home with your very own gold and/or diamonds. Email us to tell us your interests and amount of days and dates you wish to spend in country. We will provide more information so you can make a decision. Be ready for the heat there's no AC where you're going. The two biggest worries is Malaria and Typhoid, but don't worry we will keep you healthy, and safe; we own a pharmacy and have medical experience. We wont sugar coat anything unless you want a donut.  This is not a Safari to see the animals: no lions, tigers, or bears oh my. Not even a hippo, elephant, or an ape to see (this isn't that type of adventure). 

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