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Economic Stimulus Plans

We us all... Working Together.

By redirecting the profits from the in ground and out of ground assets of the Kimberlite mine in Brazil and the profits of the marketing integration process into the entertainment industry…we will be able to fund our own independently created and run economic stimulus plan.

The profits from both will be utilized to fund J.E.S.P. and S.H.A.R.P. in its entirety which will grow the entertainment industry in a unique way, help with the healthcare/retirement issues, while simultaneously helping every state with its deficit repayments, employment opportunities and infrastructure spending needs throughout its movement and growth. It’s a Win Win Win…helping the environment, the community, and the government. Making us stronger… WE US All WORKING TOGETHER.


Joes Economic Stimulus Plan (J.E.S.P.)


Formed to employ and entertain, the purpose of J.E.S.P. is to create a network of teams supporting each U.S. state, where several working divisions will generate revenue to which all profits are redistributed back into the states across various accounts. These accounts will be used to stimulate jobs in each state in various categories/industries.  This will be the world’s first FOR PROFIT TO GIVE 100% PROFIT U.S. to World Wide Entertainment Stimulus Media Company, spreading the wealth to employ the world for health, help, and happiness for a better way of life.

All proceeds will be divided either equally or by population percentages across all US States. Semi-annual evaluations will determine if the profit distribution across the State’s accounts need to be adjusted.

We will create World Works Entertainment (W.W.E.) the goal is to have each state work independently and be self-sustaining.  Because each state deals with different operational needs, it is imperative each state operate a little differently. The size of the production operations will fluctuate. Some states will receive a percentage of profits from others as well as a percentage from Nationwide and Worldwide profits. Utilizing the plan, supplemented with government subsidy and/or private investors/humanitarians this plan will come to fruition. The team will manage all aspects to insure its direction. The team main leading group will be filled with those of humanitarian goals and direction of helping from using their knowledge and experience. Creating a family and business of giving/helping others…imagine if Hollywood gave back 100% of the profits in this way…everyone would benefit instead of a hand full of wealthy people.

Distribution of Proceeds


Each US State will have separate bank accounts structured to support the respective categories as listed below (state supporting organizations) 100% of profits will be dispersed into these accounts (additional accounts may be added at a later time) Below is a brief description of some examples of each State account and it’s general purpose:

  1. Film: World Works Entertainment (W.W.E.) building the company to expand further into each state; part that produces the films/shows for distribution. Revolving account for funding films and TV shows. Utilizing the attached interactive marketing integration process to enhance sales for TV shows and Films both old and new.
  1. Want To Be A Star show: operation account for show and online operations. Before there was Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, American Idol and YouTube, there was www.wanttobeastar.com
  1. School: Supports financial needs for all universally linked School Boards within the State.
  2. Emergency:  State emergency financial needs (a holding account for in-state natural disasters).
  3. Road/D.O.T.: Supports Department of Transportation financial needs.
  4. Environment: Conservation and environmental aid to preserve waterways and lands, including restorations to increase public moral…beautify the state.
  5. Public Service: Used to offset budget needs for various public service entities, such as the Police, Firefighters, Hospitals, etc.
  6. Deficit Repayment: At the end of every year a check will be written to the government to start paying back the states previous/current deficit.
  7. Small Business Aid: Financial aid for small business loans. Unique way plan that is secured by assets.
  8. Animal Care/Humane Society: Finances to help the care of animals, i.e. preservation of endangered animals, humane society, etc.
  9. Synergistic Healthcare And Retirement Plan (S.H.A.R.P.) How would you like FREE Dental and/or a monthly stipend towards your healthcare monthly premium? How about a retirement fund opened just for you in which you can take draws every month or even the entire amount at age of retirement? Later explained.
  10. Happy Wipes: A unique hand wipe/marketing tool for the films with branding and co-branding benefits for companies (synergistic smiles with health in mind). www.happywipes.com

These accounts will be used for each states purpose to improve its way of life for the people and the environment, by sustaining and in combination with increasing employment opportunities. The goal is to have the same number and types of accounts/categories for each State, new accounts may be developed (or modified) in the future.  There will be a website (online source) that will display to the public each states revenues and the direction that the proceeds will be distributed… 100% disclosure.

All proceeds will be divided either equally or by population percentages across all US States. Semi-annual evaluations will determine if the profit distribution across the State’s accounts need to be adjusted. Evaluations and profit distribution adjustments will continue every year to help meet each category needs and accommodate shifts in the economy.

This is not a FIX ALL plan…it is a HELP ALL plan