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About Rabbit Investment

Always Growing, Helping, Changing.. the World

Rabbit Investment works with industry professionals whose innovation, versatility, knowledge and speed make all the difference.  We only invest in our own projects to insure continuity and end results are controlled to mitigate loss. So far so good… zero loss since 2005. Rabbit Investment understands the need to incorporate simplicity with financial stability in today’s current economic conditions. We are out of the box thinkers taking action and making investment advances further into the future with the vision of the “bigger picture” in sight.

We like to share, give, and grow the community, environment for our future of Health, Help, and Happiness.

Our projects include our own personal sweat equity through purchase, creation, and development; others are solicited to us from our industry associates as well as new contacts made within the industry and the public. We do look at outside investment opportunities and only direct to help make someone else’s dream a reality.  Sometimes it is simply putting an investor with a project and let them both figure it out. We do not charge any fees we only care to help.

On our own projects we simply minimize risk by incorporating our knowledge, experience, facts, unforeseen possibilities and insight to ensure the opportunity has a successful outcome. In addition, we analyze current-state and future economic directions to identify the needs, wants, and desires of consumers. We work towards stimulating the economy and complement the world we live in by taking into account the sustainability of our ecosystems with environmentally friendly ideology.

Rabbit Investment, LLC was created in 2005 and has always been in the green as well as our clients, partners and friends. Although, we have upset a few banks and financial investment firms along the way; from their clients hopping over to us (can’t please everyone). We have asked banks to hop in, but egos and greed stand in the way. No one needs all the money when there is plenty for everyone. We like to share, give, and grow the community, environment for our future of Health, Help, and Happiness.

Our team will not say something we cannot do, overly promise or commit to something we cannot finalize with complete control with positive end results. Our team combined has over 150 years of experience, knowledge and contacts within the industry.

  1. Experience in trade working with domestic and international gemologist, cutters, wholesale gem merchants, miners, retail jewelry stores, internet sales, collectors and privet sales.
  2. Purchasing polished and rough diamonds and colored gemstones
  3. Evaluating rough for cutting/polishing
  4. Understanding the Polished and Rough pricing structure for marketing to Cutters, Wholesaler, Retailers and Consumers
  5. Marketing polished & rough gemstones for domestic and international cutting centers
  6. Setting up cutting factory for manufacturing a production line processing rough Gemstones for standard size or customs cuts
  7. Lapidary Skills for carvings with cutting factory in NY
  8. Custom Jewelry design and sales
  9. Pearls Purchase/Evaluation and Selling
  10. Understanding Market for Fancy Colored Diamonds & White Diamonds Polished & Rough
  11. Field Experience: Brazil since 1986 (Partners live in Brazil)
  12. Malca Amit Security Company (30 plus year account) http://www.malca-amit.com
  13. G4S Security Company (30 plus year account) http://www.g4s.com
  14. NY Office (Diamond District): for Buy/Sell transactions
  15. Gold assay and refinery experience for smelting /refining gold (New York and California)

No one person works harder for your dreams than yourself…now imagine a company that does. Be a part of much needed solutions. There is a brighter future as long as we all work together. Hop to it!